About the Trainer

A word from Zack the master trainer.

I am your Next Generation Personal Trainer with 12 years of experience in training Individuals and groups. I have specialization in managing injuries, habilitation and rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, weight loss/gain, body sculpting and disease management and cure through exercise.

I have obtained my Health and Fitness Certification from Singapore Sports Council (SSC), American Council on Exercise (ACE), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified by Exercise is Medicine Singapore, Clinical Fitness Professional Certification (CFP) from Changi General Hospital Singapore, post graduate diploma in sports and exercise sciences All with the effective exercise techniques, detailed data analysis that scientifically transform a healthier you.

What People Say


Zack's dedication and passion to make us healthier and fitter has been extraordinary.

Brian Long

His trainings are always engaging and fruitful. There isn't a day i would have come out from training feeling like I wasted a session.


Zack is a committed and enthusiastic trainer who knows how to motivate his trainees to push their limits, he has good knowledge of human anatomy and most importantly his sessions are never repetitive.

The 'Right' Concept

Fitnexpro has developed a concept of “RIGHT”. This concept unfolds many unknown factors about right and wrong techniques. We are mainly talking about eating habits and exercises.

Right Eating

Every one knows to eat 5-meal plan, abs diet and what not is a great way to achieve right eating.

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Right Drinking

Every one knows drinking water is good for our health but what actually drinking right means?

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Right Sleeping

Sleeping right is the key to building muscle and reducing fat.

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Right Excercise

Attempting a right exercise according to the age and the body composition is the proper way towards fitness.

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Right Technique

Right techniques are crucial in a person’s injury prevention and plays the key role in isolation of the Targeted muscle.

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Right Environment

Most of the gyms are designed to provide the right environment for the members, environment means effective amount of oxygen availability in the form of fresh air.

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Right Guidance

Putting into place the entire right concept is only possible when there is an aright and apt guidance is available.

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