I signed up with Zack for personal training sessions in March 2013 with a goal to lose 5kgs, this was a dream number to achieve since i did try a lot of things for 2 years before that but with limited success. This target has been signaificantly over achieved, all thanks to Zack ! Apart from weight loss it has led to a lifestyle change in terms of eating right and exercising discipline. Zack is a committed and enthusiastic trainer who knows how to motivate his trainees to push their limits, he has good knowledge of human anatomy and most importantly his sessions are never repetitive. With a hypothyroid condition weight loss wasn't easy for me but Zack kept on trying different exercising regimes till it worked. Regards Amita

Brian Long

Testimonial (Zack) I don't even know where to begin, this guy is simply amazing, top notch. One testimonial can't describe how good this guy is, but I'll summarize :). I, in fact don't regret injuring my knee, cause i may not have met Zack. My experience with him has been life changing. Take away his 5 qualifications as a personal instructor and he's still the best trainer I have had the privilege of knowing. That's cause he's genuine. His experience and knowledge in this industry has taken fitness training to a whole new level. I'm a guy with loads of fitness issues, bad genes, fully torn ACL in my right knee, lower back issues, postural issues and joint problems with my elbows. He accepted me as a client knowing about the challenge ahead. Being a stubborn guy, I may have stepped over the line sometimes, but even then he didn't give up on me and continued doing what he believe is right, instead of giving what I, his client, wanted. And that's why he's top notch. He knows after each training session whether I can train the next session or how I am going to feel the next day. His knowledge is unquestionable. I have realized that the hard way, always looking like a fool when I lose the argument. Anyone who is under him, fret not, disappointment is something that would never come across both you and him. His training is effective and it works, he trains everyone differently, according to their conditions and body types. The results can only be positive, but you just have to listen to him every step of the way. His trainings are always engaging and fruitful. There isn't a day i would have come out from training feeling like I wasted a session. He's always there for his clients, whether it's in training or after training. He's there with you every step of the way in your fitness journey. Even when you might think he's not watching you as you try to do less reps but count a different number, he will catch you, cause he knows what's happening, always (comes from experience). He uses psychology to get the best out of each exercise, by counting reps a little different. His teachings are words of wisdom, the techniques he teaches are the RIGHT ones, not from YouTube videos where with no experience will cause injury if done wrongly. The techniques he has taught me has helped me strengthen my knee after the op, cured my joint issues, and corrected my back problems. I have been so impressed with his work, that after the rehab I received from his trainings, I decided it was time to change my lifestyle and get into some shape. His trainings has elevated my fitness to a level I never thought I would have gotten too. Being fit and healthy has changed my life. I feel more positive, happy, confident and most important, healthy. I went to him as a person struggling to do 20 push ups (not even proper), can't even do a single pull up, and lifting weights wrongly which was one of the reasons I had bad joints and a bad back. I now can say confidently, that I can complete 60 proper push ups in a set, I can pull myself up 15-20 times a set, and ever since he corrected me on my technique and taught me how to perform various exercise, I can lift above my body weight. I have never felt so fit or confident in my life. And it's all down to this guy, Zack! He has been my inspiration and teacher to everything related to fitness, and keeping it natural as I built my way to a healthy lifestyle. I am even one of the lucky ones who had the opportunity to actually train with him, so I saw how he behaved in the gym and how to lift weights properly and effectively, which exercise affects what muscle. He goes beyond his job as a trainer and I owe him so much, that a "thank you" would never be enough for what he has done for me. But still I would like to say thank you, for everything. This fitness journey of mine won't stop. And will continue with you once I'm back from my studies. It's been and honour and privilege to have learned from you, trained with you and to have met you. Im looking forward to train with you again. I'm gonna miss you man. Do visit me in NZ if you have the chance to! I won't forget what you have taught me and of course I won't forget you. Please keep in touch. Take care Sir! Once your client, but always your friend, Brian. :)


My dear friend Zack, I am on the plane waiting to take off to go back to Europe and I find myself thinking of the many things I will miss of wonderful Singapore and high on that list is my friend Zack. You have been a great influence in our lives: your dedication and passion to make us healthier and fitter has been extraordinary. I often tell Luisa that more than a businessman, you remind me of a missionary: the health and proper fitness of your clients is clearly your top priority, one almost feels your only priority. Alas whilst we loose the best trainer in the world, we have gained a true friend and that time and distance will not take away from us. My dear Friend, there is always going to be a place for you in our family. Come and visit us soon in Zurich! Un abbraccio C P.S. I promise you I will carry on our work and you will find me fit when you come to visit us.

Debra Dass

Fitness Trainer Zack has been coaching my children Josh (15 years old) and Jules (13 years old) for the last one and a half years. In the first place I would never have thought of having a fitness trainer to train my teenager boys because they are pretty active. However when Jules was assessed to be under weight and under height, the referred doctor suggested that he could start on growth hormone treatment. Preferring a more natural approach, I sought to find a fitness trainer who might be able to help. On doing some research I realized that children and teens are not supposed to do the same type of workouts as adults because their bones and muscles are still developing, hence exercises like weight lifting would not be suitable at all for them. That’s when I realized that we couldn’t hire just any professional trainer but one who was clinically trained. Fortunately after some surfing on the net, I found Zack. Today thanks to his exercise regime, positive disposition, patience, motivation skills, good nature and most of all good rapport, my boys have developed an appreciation for health and exercise through Zack. What’s more, Jules is no longer under weight and under height! I would happily recommend Zack.

Raoul Benjamin

I first considered Fitnexpro when i was faced with the time crunch of three weeks to complete my NAPFA test, with the inability to complete the standing broad jump station. With panic setting in i was sure i was not going to be able to make the jump in time for the test - Fitnexpro changed all that. The first week was spent getting my core stronger and creating a strong foundation for the aspects needed to make the jump. Fitnexpro made me realise my weaknesses and quickly improved them - within a week i was able to touch my toes seeing a huge increase in flexibility. Following the foundation we swiftly moved on to Plyometric drills with ankle weights to increase my leg strength as well as range of motion. This proved to be tremendously helpful as within a few sessions my jump improved by 20cm and i saw an enlightening increase in physical fitness and overall performance. Fitnexpro doesn't just end in the gym; from dietary to medical advice Fitnexpro guided me in my development even when we we were not training. You can be sure that with Fitnexpro and a bit of hard work with positive attitude you will see swift progress all in the hands of an experienced and proffesional coach. I HIGHLY reccomend Fitnexpro to anyone who is wanting to achieve a goal at hand. With the effort and dedication put in, Fitnexpro will provide the full package into what needs to be done for you to come out a winner.

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