Right techniques and exercise goes hand in hand. Attempting a right exercise according to the age and the body composition is the proper way towards fitness. Right exercise is always prescribed after the scientific analysis by personal trainers, Physiotherapists or doctors. Term exercise is contra-indicative people with medical conditions and other limitations should be performing exercise in supervision. In fact all individuals should perform exercise according to their body type, there are 3 major body types

    • Definitive "Hard Gainer"
    • Delicate Built Body
    • Flat Chest
    • Fragile
    • Lean
    • Lightly Muscled
    • Small Shouldered
    • Takes Longer to Gain Muscle
    • Thin
    • Soft Body
    • Underdeveloped Muscles
    • Round Physique
    • Weight Loss is Difficult
    • Gains Muscle Easily Like the Mesomorph.
    • Athletic
    • Hard Body
    • Hourglass Shaped (Female)
    • Rectangular Shaped (Male)
    • Mature Muscle Mass
    • Muscular Body
    • Excellent Posture
    • Gains Muscle Easily
    • Gains Fat More Easily Than Ectomorphs
    • Thick Skin

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