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Position : Physical Therapist and Fitness coach
EXPECTISE : Physical Therapist and Fitness coach

I am your Next Generation Personal Trainer of 17 years of experience in training individuals. My philosophy is to bring fitness change inside out which not only restores but inculcate the healthy thinking. I have obtained my Health and Fitness Certification from Singapore Sports Council (SSC), American Council on Exercise (ACE), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and Clinical Fitness Professional Certification (CFP) from Changi General Hospital Singapore. ADIPLOMA /DEGREE IN sports science 2019 Successfully conducted 7corporate fitness events for National library board Singapore, Teachers of Corporation primary school, R1 international Singapore (MNC) including fitness lectures, initial and final assessments and mass workouts. Certified to design exercises and authorized to writing referrer letter to Doctor for trainee to seek treatment. Records of successful diet plans and exercises that have lowered down the cholesterol, lower down the blood sugar for the diabetics, effective fat loss as well