Technique infuses with experience and knowledge derives satisfactory results.

Healthy life starts from healthy thinking and healthy thinking begins with movement so lets have appositive start now.

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What is functional fitness all Build it Powerful. It’s Powerlift.

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Author 1

Jyoti Khan

As a working mother of two, I never placed exercise and fitness very high on my list of things to do. Besides I had NEVER exercised in my life or even watched what I ate. So it was too hard to get started! In September 2012, I reached out to Zack as...

Author 1

Claudio de Sanctis

My dear friend Zack, I am on the plane waiting to take off to go back to Europe and I find myself thinking of the many things I will miss of wonderful Singapore and high on that list is my friend Zack. You have been a great influence in our lives: yo...

Author 1

Brian Long

I don't even know where to begin, this guy is simply amazing, top notch. One testimonial can't describe how good this guy is, but I'll summarize :). I, in fact don't regret injuring my knee, cause i may not have met Zack. My experience with him has b...

Author 1

Miss Ranjit Kaur

I have been in training with Zack Baig since 2007 until he had to leave for Canada. I am so grateful that he has set me on a life style which, until then, I would never have thought be possible for a fat 44 year old to do, from 76 kgs I am now 62 kgs...

Author 1

Amita Gupta

I signed up with Zack for personal training sessions in March 2013 with a goal to lose 5kgs, this was a dream number to achieve since i did try a lot of things for 2 years before that but with limited success. This target has been signaificantly over...

Author 1

Debra Dass

Fitness Trainer Zack has been coaching my children Josh (15 years old) and Jules (13 years old) for the last one and a half years. In the first place I would never have thought of having a fitness trainer to train my teenager boys because they are pr...

Author 1

Raoul Benjamin

I first considered FitnexPro when I was faced with the time crunch of three weeks to complete my NAPFA test, with the inability to complete the standing broad jump station. With panic setting in I was sure I was not going to be able to make the jump...